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Heart And Soul

"You made us so happy and gave us exactly the vibe that we wanted!!!" ... Becky & Fred


Heart and Soul is a full service event production and entertainment company. We pride ourselves on having the highest caliber of talent to turn your special occasion into an unforgettable celebration. As in the theater we only have one chance to get it right and a flawless execution is not only our priority but our specialty.

With decades of combined experience, our team of event specialists stay on par with today’s hottest trends as well as pioneer new ones to create one of a kind, magical events. Our understanding of what makes your crowd tick is what sets us apart from others in the industry. Our unmatched ability to customize each event and provide the highest level of customer service is how Heart and Soul takes your vision and turns it into reality.

Wait Until We Get Our HEART & SOUL on YOU

"You were flawless and kept everyone up and dancing. We can't thank you enough!"... Louise


DJ or Bands??? When it comes to the entertainment business, the age old question of, “Band or DJ?” comes up quite often. Over the years, we found ourselves recommending one or the other without ever really sitting down to think about how these two seemingly different musical entities could become one. After some brainstorming, coupled with reaching out to some of the most talented artists in the industry, The Beat Shop was born.

The Beat Shop is the perfect hybrid, incorporating the elegance and flair of a full sounding band with the unique versatility and flexibility of a DJ. The Beat Shop is comprised of the highest caliber live musicians and vocalists in conjunction with the best DJs this business has to offer. The Beat Shop is completely customizable and can be configured in many different ways to not only meet, but exceed, all client expectations. The Beat Shop truly is the best of BOTH worlds and will undoubtedly add a vibrant flair to any event.

Composing The Trend


What happens when you take the best in DJ Entertainment and partner it with the best in Live Music Entertainment… an exceptional collaboration that is taking the special event industry by storm. It didn’t take long for Heart & Soul and Silver Pro Entertainment to join forces after seeing each other in action and become an elite brand of event entertainment.

Both companies genuinely know how to read your crowd, customize each event, and have a true passion for music which is what sets us both apart from the rest. From performing at incredible social events, to celebrity weddings, to some of the most prestigious corporations in world, this partnership can take your event to the next level. We are proud to share the stage and the spotlight with our Silver Pro Entertainment family! Check them out @ Silver Pro Entertainment

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